High Demand, Limited Supply Skills and Qualifications

Need to know what to study and learn next to grow in your career and serve your community?

I conducted a study on skillsets and qualifications that are in high demand by recruiters and limited supply of available talent.

Here’s a sample from the study.

Setup a 15-30 minute call to discuss this, and receive the fully updated list of supply/demand ratios on 500+ top paying skills and qualifications.

We display the highest paying salary bracket in DC and the US, the # of job openings in DC and the US.

We also provide a learning guide to acquire the expertise, and we provide a marketing guide to show off your new skills to employers.

The list of 500+ skills and qualifications is sorted by what is in highest demand – this tells you where there is highest competition and lowest competition, and where therefore, you are more or less likely to gain employment.

This list will help you to study a topic that has higher earning potential, and there are fewer applicants by virtue of the inavailability of people who report they have the knowledge and skills.

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