flurb testimonial examples for small business marketing

Getting A “FLURB”: Testimonial Examples From 5 Influencers Converting Readers To Subscribers

Being alone, hurts.

Recent publications demonstrate that living alone contributed to 27% higher likelihood of mortality in subjects at risk of or with atherothrombosis (blood clots), and loneliness was a significant predictor of functional decline and death in those 60 years or older.

If you are responsible for managing any part of a business with customers, testimonials are the best way to get customers to see that they are not alone in purchasing your services. But before they ever purchase your services… in fact, the ONLY reason why they would even think about purchasing your services, is because they BELIEVE in you and your capabilities to add value to their lives and their business’ life.

Re stated… Testimonials are the best way to get customers to see they are not alone in BELIEVING in you.

So don’t hurt your potential customers.

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Check out these helpful testimonial examples offering us guidance on how to construct testimonials that convert readers into believers.

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