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Real Estate Agent Websites Using These Strategies Win: Mere Evolution, At Its Finest

Marketing and sales has changed with the advent of the internet. All of us own at least one social media account, have access to at least one cell phone, and most either have a tablet or laptop laying around some place. Americans are always online.

Capturing the attention of this online audience, especially in highly competitive industries like the residential real estate market, is the ultimate challenge.

If you can adopt, practice, and use these content strategies in your content marketing campaigns, you WILL capture significantly more attention both locally and globally.

In this article, we also discuss how you can monetize that global audience. 

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Do These 11 Top Political Commentators Know How To Monetize Their Following?

Tell the truth. We all have our favorite political commentators. As soon as the camera turns to them and its their time to talk, you’re listening for every word, cuz surely they will say something crazy!

Engage content strategies, and you can actually become that loved (or hated) political commentator.

Attract a larger following. Increase your followers on social media. And most importantly, Monetize your following. You might even do better than the top political commentators syndicated on national television.

We review strategies you can use immediately to build your base of followers, and leverage this following to attract more requests for your consulting and speaking.  I also rank the top political commentators by the number of google searches per month.

Guess who’s the top political commentator?

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Create Brand Evangelists For Your Population Health Analytics Platform Using Internet Marketing

Complex patients present the biggest challenge to public and private payers.

In the Medicaid population, 68% of costs are attributable to the top 10% of patients ranked by cost. Innovators who can best communicate to the customer will win the opportunities to deploy those solutions.

68% of Medicaid costs, are attributable to the costliest 10% of patients. Click To Tweet

What “best communicate… to… win” means, can range widely.

You see, if you communicate all the details of your strategy, your opponents may likely steal your ideas. And if you present all the details of your technical solution, you risk boring your customer who will just classify and categorize your products/services with everyone else’s sales presentations they are bombarded with.

What then, do we communicate???

Let’s review the types of content that population health analytics companies should be producing, and learn from some examples of how I’ve helped organizations increase market share in what’s becoming an increasingly competitive niche.

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Let’s Put the Mattress Store Yard Signs To Bed: Try New Marketing Ideas

Driving up and down the main thoroughfare of your town (for me, it’s Rockville Pike), it’s impossible to go a block without seeing 10-15 yard signs for mattress companies. Most of them are bunched around stop lights and stop signs.

If you use content marketing to engage new customers, these internet marketing campaigns can and will drive at least 30% more buyers into your stores, well beyond the traffic you’re getting through traditional marketing approaches. 

Check out how some mattress store owners are engaging with, interacting with, educating, and delighting their  customers with new marketing ideas to drive revenue growth and sales.

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Dump The Party Flyers Event Management Gurus: Increase Exposure Using Content Marketing

Marketing isn’t sales.  Marketing increases volume of people in your funnel who you might later convert to paying customers.

We increase the number of casual viewers with a ‘hook’. That hook must be sponsored by whatever it is you are selling.

So if an advertiser is selling tickets to a nightlife event, the content strategist’s responsibility is to identify, develop, and create as many hooks as is necessary. The ‘content’ of content marketing campaigns ARE those hooks, intentionally constructed to serve merely as an attraction to your intended customer. These hooks can be directly or indirectly related to what it is that you are selling.

The ‘content’ IS the hook.

We review how to create these ‘hooks’ for the event management firm. 

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Acupuncturist’s First 100 Blog Posts for Content Marketing: The Starting Line Up

Acupuncture and natural medicine has remained consistently popular over the last 10 years across United States.   At the same time, the therapeutic utility of acupuncture is also gaining in popularity. People continue to suffer with pain. Increasingly more people want to lose weight.

Like any medical practice, you want to fill up your medical office with visits from patients in your local region. Patients need to be booked every hour that you possibly can at that piece of real estate, for visits and consultations to achieve a maximal impact on population health.

Using content market and content strategies can attract these patients to your acupuncture clinic. 

Let’s review acupuncture content marketing and content strategies that every acupuncture clinic should be using. A list of 100 posts are provided, to jumpstart your content library and provide your customers with exactly what they are seeking.

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Food Marketing That DOUBLES Your Revenue Growth Rate THIS YEAR

Great new food products are entering stores every month across the country. These are often owned by one enthusiastic chef who is driven to share their love for a certain type of food with the world.  While preparing great meals is the easy part and even generating sales may come easy, their often unmet challenge is to create a culture and community around the new product.

We’re going to review food marketing strategies that, if used, have the potential to double expected revenue growth rates.

We’ll review one of my favorite brands of sauces, as an case study for what they can do to drive demand.

Unless the owner asks me to add his name onto the post, I’ll leave his brand name out. We’ll call it “MM Sauce” for now.

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