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Why Proposals As Content Marketing Will Always Produce a Lower Win Rate

Your company is being invited to bid on competitive opportunities from contract officers and contract specialists. But is it because someone at the customer’s office knows who you are, or because of your National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Codes or NAICS codes?

Submit a hundred proposals and you might ‘hit’ one or two lucky times. Engage in pre-RFP content marketing, and you’ll find yourself engaging with buyers much more productively.

I discuss why proposals simply can not be used for content marketing purposes, and discuss what pre-RFP content marketing efforts can help your company to validate whether or not an opportunity is for you son yout win more.

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Content Marketing For Government Contracts: Case Study For A Winning B2G Launch

As the expert, you want people to know who you are and what you do. What sets you apart from your competitors? What benefit will you have to a customer organization?

If you institute the strategies we have used, your business can create allegiances with both customer organizations and predominant competitors, such that they are compelled to engage you. Let’s have them calling you in for meetings to explore collaborative partnerships to resolve customer specific problems.

Clear the path for people to engage you. Make it EASY for them.

We’ll discuss the steps a small business owner and state government contractor took, to engage program managers and contracting officers using content strategies. 

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